Fully laden chocolate counter at Red Cacao.

Hello and a warm welcome to the First Red Cacao blog!

We are thrilled to have another medium through which to communicate with you, and we are looking forward to exploring all things Red Cacao with you.

In this blog part of our website, we will dip into such topics as the chocolate-making process and our philosophy on customer experience, and we will feature stories on local events and the community-based lifestyle we enjoy in the Adelaide Hills.

Our monthly posts will be written by staff members keen to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Red Cacao.

So how did Red Cacao come into being?

It is the dream of Marcus Booth-Remmers, Red Cacao’s owner, manager and (most importantly) chocolatier.

He studied the art, craft and science of chocolate creation in Europe, and he has brought these skills home to the Adelaide Hills, where he launched Red Cacao in 2013.

Red Cacao has quickly become a familiar name in the Adelaide Hills – as well as the wider Adelaide area – as a leader in the production of quality chocolate and the provision of excellent service.

The customer experience is central to our business philosophy and reflects Marcus’ desire to create a comfortable, caring and welcoming environment.

People prefer quality

In recent years, eating habits have been trending away from mass-produced goods in favour of smaller-batch artisan produce.

We know that many people love the attention to detail that comes with smaller enterprise models.

Small businesses can provide consumers with personalised access to high-quality local produce, thereby both supporting local communities economically and enriching them with deep culinary experiences.

This trend allows Red Cacao to compete with (and often outshine) top chocolate retailers and dessert bar chains in terms of quality and innovation.

We demonstrate our excellence in every dessert we serve, but the handful of awards we have received helps solidify our reputation.

Talk to us 🙂

At Red Cacao, customers can interact directly with the artists behind the business, which is not always possible at large outlets, where the disconnection between the production and consumption of food can leave people feeling alienated.

All Red Cacao customers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culinary experience, taking away the “warm and fuzzy” feeling that can come with sincere human interaction.

We think this trend is exciting, with benefits for all of us as we take advantage of the wonderful Adelaide Hills and the wider Adelaide area.

Supporting other small businesses is part of our philosophy. Where possible we buy our ingredients locally – such as milk from B.D. Farm Paris Creek and delicious savoury items from Woodbake (now called Christopher Broadfoot Kitchen – CBK) in Stirling.

The philosophy that underlies Red Cacao’s model doesn’t mean we take an analytical approach to customer interaction; rather, it translates into a greeting and a smile when you walk through the door, and the opportunity for friendly engagement.

Pair our friendly service and our delicious handmade chocolate, and you have a winning combination – the Red Cacao formula. It is as simple as adding chocolate to milk, but the art is in the execution.

Come in and see for yourself what it means to experience chocolate! Watch this space for updates and new content, which we will roll out in coming months. Be part of the small-business community in Adelaide, and support local.