Of all the varieties of hot chocolate available at Red Cacao, my favourite and undeniably one of the most popular choices among our customers is the Aztec Hot Chocolate. It is a tantalising blend of rich dark chocolate, heart-warming cinnamon and a tickle of chilli. From my first sip, I knew I would never love another drink (or maybe even anything else) quite as much. The Aztec has been a staple drink at Red Cacao since day one.


The history of the Aztec Hot Chocolate goes back a long way – most recently to the Aztec empire of the fifteenth century with some theories estimating cacao based drinks being first consumed 5000 years ago! The Aztecs had a special take on the drink, roasting precious cacao beans to produce a cold, unsweetened chocolate drink laced with chilli and spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and anise. The drink was so popular with King Montezuma that he was said to drink 50 cups a day!


This ancient beginning provides the basis for our own creation, although, unlike the Aztecs, we choose to serve the delicacy hot. The Aztecs also brewed their drink in water – as did the Spanish in their early sweetened versions of hot chocolate. It was not until the genius of the Aztecs reached Britain that milk was added, giving birth to a new era of creamy, sweet, delectable hot chocolate drinks.


Inspired by the Aztecs in their combination of spices and chocolate, our delicious homage honours the richness of pure cacao by using dark chocolate as the base. The chilli and cinnamon contribute to the drink’s incredible fragrance and taste, of which King Montezuma would surely have been proud.


Nothing makes us happier at Red Cacao than providing high-quality comfort to our customers, and the epitome of comfort in these cold winter months is surely the Aztec Hot Chocolate. I can think of nothing better than sitting inside Red Cacao’s cosy room, watching the rain and cupping a steaming cup of the stuff – or, even better, a mug-sized portion! It’s irresistible – the creamy richness of the chocolate, the comfort of cinnamon, and the inner warmth of chilli.


Come try it!