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Not a problem, click below to see our current menu – Please note menus are seasonal and subject to change and availability.

Current menu

No need! At Red Cacao we don’t take bookings for tables, so please feel free to arrive and one of our friendly staff will assist in finding you a table. We will do our absolute best to accommodate larger groups, but unfortunately cannot guarantee availability.

In our Cafe

We use environmentally aware packaging which is both recycleable and in some cases even compostable. For more information on our cafe wares please visit Biopak at


Recycle our Packaging

In an effort to reduce waste, we collect, store and re-use packaging especially plastic packaging including bubble wrap and soft plastics


Carbon Neutral Delivery Aware

Australia Post measures how much carbon is generated from the moment a parcel is picked up to when it’s delivered. Based on this calculation, carbon offsets are purchased by Australia Post to support projects that prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount to achieve net-zero emissions overall.


Reuse Packing Materials

In an effort to reduce waste; we collect, store and re-use boxes not only to keep costs down but for the benefit of the environment. Sometimes you might see a box with a different logo on it, we pride ourselves for trying to do the best thing for sustainability


Charity Partners

We partner with South Australian chapter of Sea Shepherd by donating recyclable bottles and cans from our Café and Kitchen in an effort to aid marine wildlife and coastal conservation areas.


Reduced Paper Offices

Internal operations are encouraged to use as little paper and consumable goods as possible, lessening our environment impact while promoting the use of future technology      

Currently no, dessert night is on hold – however we are open till 9:30pm Friday nights at our Stirling Cafe and have a great range of dessert options for you from our menu.

Not a problem, ask one of our friendly staff for a highchair and even a babychino for your little one.

We welcome you and your furry four legged friends to enjoy a Coffee or a Pupperchino at Red Cacao, we can accomodate you in our outdoor seating area any day of the week! we also have water bowl for dogs.

Yes! Red Cacao chocolate is made from the finest couverture that is turned into the chocolates you love right in the Adelaide hills by a small team of Chocolatiers lead by Marcus Booth-Remmers.

Absolutely! Our dark chocolate options are mostly dairy free. All our hot chocolates can be made dairy free using a dark chocolate base and an alternative milk. There are plenty of vegan cold drink options as well as raw cakes, raisin loaves and lunch specials. See menu here.
In our shop look out for the green “vegan friendly” symbol or ask our friendly staff for vegan products.

We certainly do! Red Cacao is committed to providing premium chocolate for all, and have invested in multiple lines to ensure that dark, milk and white chocolate are all made seperately. Every effort is taken to ensure no cross contamination occurs, with regular cleaning and maintenance. Drop in store and one of our friendly staff will assist you in finding the perfect chocolate for you!

However, if a person has a severe allergy and is highly sensitive even the smallest trace can trigger a reaction. We cannot guarantee for sure that the product has not been in touch with other ingredients. Therefore your products are labelled as “May contain”

NOT IN THE FRIDGE! Keep your Chocolate somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight, your pantry, cupboard or even your bedside table for a late night snack is ideal. Ideally between 15-21 degrees. If you need to put chocolate in the fridge to prevent from melting put them in an airtight container.

We certainly do! Red Cacao produces two types of organic blocks, a dark and milk chocolate. Red Cacao also has certified organic chocolate alternatives and a range of single origin blocks from Sao Tomé, Vanuatu to Uganda – read more here.

You certainly can! When you purchase chocolates online we are able to ship your chocolates to a nominated address to most parts of Australia. We do our best to ensure that your chocolate is sent when the weather is cool at both our end and the recipients end to give the chocolate the best chance of arriving in top shape. With this in mind during hotter months your chocolate might take a bit longer to ship as we will be waiting for ideal conditions before sending. Please read our Shipping Policy here to find out more.

Please contact us at  and a staff member will get back to you regarding the sponsorship or donation. 

On a case by case basis – please contact