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Single Origin Chocolate

A selection of single original chocolate blocks neatly layed out next to a cacao pod
Our range of single origin chocolate.

Before melting in our mouths, chocolate undergoes a long journey from bean to bar. Be it harvesting and roasting cacao beans, or refining and conching cacao, or tempering bars and creating truffles, making chocolate is no simple task. But our favourite chocolate acquires its unique taste before these complex processes even begin. 

A cacao farm’s geography—the temperature, humidity and altitude; the water supply and soil quality—affects chocolate’s flavour profile. As with wine, different regions present different tasting experiences for the chocolate lover.

While many chocolates are created with a blend of cacao, other chocolates comprise cacao from one specific area. This is known as single origin chocolate. By using cacao from one source, a chocolatier can enhance and intensify a chocolate’s natural special characteristics.

At Red Cacao, our single origin artisan chocolates—from our smooth and velvety Vanuatu (44%) to our smoky and earthy Uganda (80%)—offer an eclectic and exciting choice for the chocolate enthusiast. They match beautifully with coffee and wine, or they are perfect eaten alone!

The colours of the chocolate rainbow.