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Vegan Truffles

  We’ve extended our vegan truffle range to include a complete sophisticated palate of flavours sure to entice the senses. Marcus and the team in

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Passionfruit Macarons

This step-by-step playbook on how to replicate our passionfruit macarons at home is easy to follow and a great activity to do with the family.

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Carrot Cake

Nat’s Carrot Cake

Our pastry chef Natalie kindly shared her recipe for her carrot cake – perfect for afternoon or morning tea. Nat’s carrot cake is deceptively simple

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From the Cafe

Barista’s Choice Coffee

Andrew, knower of all things coffee Barista’s choice coffee; to our Barista Andrew it’s something he takes very seriously. Regardless if you drink your coffee

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A selection of single original chocolate blocks neatly layed out next to a cacao pod
Product Profile

Single Origin Chocolate

Our range of single origin chocolate. Before melting in our mouths, chocolate undergoes a long journey from bean to bar. Be it harvesting and roasting

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