Red Cacao’s Tiramisu

Good quality coffee and chocolate is so so good in this tiramisu. Strong coffee and dark cocoa has a wonderful richness and strength, making it a hit for Christmas Day. It’s the ‘pick-me-up’ that everyone needs after a long lunch. This is Nat’s go-to recipe for tiramisu and a summer staple. She makes them in these perfect jars for ease of portioning, serving and so you can see and appreciate all the delicious layers.

Serves 8-10

Time: 30 minutes prep, plus 2 hours chilling

Difficulty: 2/10



200ml Thickened cream 
2/3 Cup Red Cacao Dark Cocoa Powder
300g Mascarpone
3 Large eggs (separated) 
50g Caster sugar
75g Grated Red Cacao Pure Chocolate Block
300g ladyfinger (savoiardi) biscuits
300ml of espresso coffee (decaf for kids)


4 Tbsp Marsala Wine

First, make the coffee so that it can cool – If you’ve got a macchinetta, use that, otherwise a plunger or similar will do the trick. 

While the coffee is brewing, separate the egg whites from the yolks (keep the yolks for later on) and whip with half of the sugar until the whites form medium stiff peaks – set aside.

Whip the cream to medium stiff peaks -set aside. 


When the coffee has finished brewing, pour it into a large bowl to cool. 

Whip egg yolks with the rest of the sugar until they are pale and fluffy then add the mascarpone and whip on high until thick (around 1-2 minutes).

  • Fold through the cream and then fold through the egg whites. 

    If you’re making an adults only version this is when you add the Marsala wine to the coffee. Dip three biscuits at a time on their long side. Tip: To avoid a too sloppy Tiramisu – don’t over soak them.

    Whether you’re making these in jars for ease of serving or in a large tray for sharing, this is when we start building the layers of our Tiramisu. 

    Place the first layer of dipped ladyfinger biscuits, then pipe the mascarpone mixture and spread until the biscuits are covered. If you don’t have a piping bag then carefully dolloping the mixture is fine.


Dust with Red Cacao’s Dark Cocoa Powder.


Now we repeat the process, layer the mascarpone layer with a second round of dipped biscuits, followed by cocoa and more mascarpone mixture. 


Once you’ve finished layering, place in the fridge for 2 hours to chill or overnight if you have the time. 


When you’re ready to serve, dust the top layer with cocoa and grate shavings of Red Cacao’s Pure Milk Chocolate generously over the top to garnish.


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