Chocolate Chats: Briana Adam, Stirling Cafe.

For this edition of our Chocolate Chats we caught up with one of our young guns at Red Cacao – front of house superstar Briana. From staring out waiting tables, to learning all about our retail chocolate range (tasting has accelerated her learning) and Bri has even just started lending a hand behind the coffee […]

Chocolate Chats: Nick Sproull, Stirling Cafe.

Chocolate Chats: Nick Sproull, Stirling Cafe.

We caught up with one of our most experienced hands at Red Cacao – all rounder Nick Sproull! He has a wealth of experience from front-of-house, back-of-house and making coffees. Nick is a huge asset to our team and makes a banging playlist. Read on for more.. Tell us what you do at Red Cacao. […]

Barista’s Choice Coffee

Andrew, knower of all things coffee Barista’s choice coffee; to our Barista Andrew it’s something he takes very seriously. Regardless if you drink your coffee black, with milk or even enjoy a cup of decaf, Andrew has spent his time perfecting the perfect cup for all persuasions. Red Cacao uses single origin coffee beans from […]